Cherry-pit pillows

Cherry-pit pillows

ARCOTEXtiles produces cherry-pit pillows in Poland.

Arcotex has a production unit in Poland for the manufacturing of cherry-pit pillows. The pillow is filled with cherry stones and can be easily and quickly heated in the microwave.

Arcotex doesn't have an own label but manufactures for its customers cherry-stone pillows according to their wishes : "Private Label".

We offer you an entirely finished product. Choice of fabrics, choice in dimensions, own labels, packing, leaflets, transport,... .

Each pillow is filled with especially treated cherry-stones : 100% pure (without pulp) release the subtle scent of cherries after warming up.

After the production all pillows are passing through an extra control under a metal detector (see picture). This system detects the presence of broken needles or other metal contamination during the manufacturing process. This is for the customer an additional guarantee of quality for a save use in the micro-wave.

We offer our costumers a finished product at the best price. Our concept : ONE-STOP-SHOP.

These cushions are heated very easily with the microwave and give out a long-lasting, penetrating heat and release the subtle scent of cherries. A cherry pit cushion therefore stays warm longer than a hot water bottle. Use it for backaches, headaches, neck tension, cramps and to warm your cold feet. Cherry-pit pillows for all types of therapies and wellness. You can microwave it or put it in the freezer for cold relief. The cushions of cherry-stones, can be used like cold compresses and treatment for injuries such as bruises, sprains, inflammations, distorsions and swellings.